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2014 Required Fundraising

Required Fundraising: We strive to make Oregon City Soccer Club a great place to play soccer. In order to accomplish these goals we ask that every member participate in fundraising. At the time of registration all families will have the option to pre-purchase 4, 8 or 12 raffle tickets. Tickets will be given to your coach and handed out on your first practice, you may keep these for yourself or sell them to friends and family and make your money back. Please note that all raffle tickets still must be filled out and returned in order to put into the drawing. You are also welcome to request more raffle tickets if you wish to sell more.

We also ask that ALL families participate in our Opening Jamboree by donating an item(s) to your team basket. Team baskets are placed in the silent auction that is held the day of the jamboree.

For those who do not wish to participate in any fundraising, there is a $50.00 fundraising opt out fee.