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Concussion Information


  • Some very important legislation was passed in late June of 2013. This legislation is called Senate Bill 721. This bill relates to concussions and the education for coaches, referees, parents and players. All clubs are now required to insure that each coach and parents has received concussion education.
  • One of the areas the Bill covers is that if a player is identified by a referee, coach or parent of possibly receiving a concussion during activities with the team, they will be removed from all activities until they have been cleared by a Doctor. For more information about this topic please be sure to contact us.

Coaches Concussion Certification

Information for Coaches & Team Managers:

Sideline Concussion Documentation

Concussion Assessment

Managing Sports-Related Concussions

Information for Parents and Players

Graded "Return-to-Participation" Documentation

Student Athletes and Concussions, Fact Sheet

Managing Sports-Related Concussions