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Little Pioneers

U5-U8: This program is an in house program for our Pre-K through 2nd graders. All games are held right here in Oregon City. This is the beginning level of soccer. For U5-U7 teams are co-ed and played on smaller fields. At the U8 age level we split into gender specific teams.


Ages for Soccer - All affiliates of OYSA agree that "AGE" is that of the player as of July 31 of the current year. Teams and ages are referred to as U (under) then an age. For example, 10 year olds play on U-11 teams.


Age Group

Earliest DOB Latest DOB
U5/Pre-K 08/01/09 07/31/10
U6/Kinder 08/01/08 07/31/09
U7/1st Grade 08/01/07


U8/2nd Grade 08/01/06


Game Design for Recreational Soccer

Little Pioneers Rules of Play

Player Registration

All players must be registered in accordance with the rules of the club. Prior to any player being assigned to a team, the player must be in good standing with the club and all fees paid. Coaches are not allowed to add players to their roster without the written consent of either the registrar or a board
member and coaches will not allow any players to practice with their team unless they are registered as player with Oregon City Soccer Club.

Playing Up

A player may "play up" in the next age division if space is available on a team. No player may "play up"
two age divisions. No exceptions.

Playing Down

A player may not play down an age group. They must at least play in
the age division where their birth date falls, regardless of where they were
last assigned.

Team Assignments

While it is our goal to accommodate as many requests as possible, it is not always
possible. The following criteria will be used in placing players on teams. It
is the responsibility of the registrar with the board help to form teams prior
to the beginning of the season.

  1. Grade (age group)
  2. Gender
  3. School attending in the fall of the given season
  4. The previous year's team will serve as a starting ground (template).
  5. Teammate requests (Car-pooling/sibilings).

Players registered prior to the deadline will be given priority. Players registered
after the deadline will be given second priority. Players registered late (for example, new to
the district) will be placed on a wait list and every effort will be made to
place them on a team.